Earphone Audio Processor

EAP PhotoThe EAP03 is the first portable digital earphone amplifier. Designed from the ground up to provide the power and customization needed to drive modern earphones. With a precision multi-band tone control and an audio expander function, the EAP03 is the only way to listen to your earphones. The EAP03 is fully compatible with all portable audio players and all in-ear earphones. Powered by a lithium-polymer battery and as small as a credit card, the EAP03 is as portable as your music.

The EAP03 uses the latest multi-channel audio processor with dual high-performance sigma-delta codecs to provide seamless control and customization for your audio. With audio level monitoring and a sound-level meter function, the EAP03 will allow you to actually know what your hearing.

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Now that you have your earphones and the power to drive them, let's make sure you don't damage your hearing. You've only got one set of ears, so be sure to check out the hearing safety links on the support page.